Avs S5 5-Star Alarm Inc Install *** Please note - Car Alarms cannot be installed on Saturday's - Weekdays Only at our Auckland and Hamilton Branch *** *** Certain vehicles may incur additional charges for parts or labour required to complete installation. If you are unsure please contact our sales team *** The AVS S5 is the flagship AVS car alarm. It is engineered to the highest specifications for the ultimate in Five Star vehicle security. With advanced intrusion detection from an intelligent glass break sensor and dual stage shock sensor the cabin of the vehicle is well protected. Plus the AVS S5 includes a digital tilt sensor to protect the wheels or to detect if the vehicle is towed (a common way thieves steal cars). The AVS S5 alarm includes seamless turbo timer integration plus the option to operate the alarm from your car’s factory key. As part of the AVS S-Series range the alarm also includes triple immobilisation and numerous optional programming options to personalise the system to suit you. Courier mode, anti-hijack mode and operating two vehicles from one AVS remote are some of the most popular options. Features: Three automatic immobilisers Intelligent glass break sensor Intelligent dual stage shock sensor Data battery back-up siren On-board turbo timer Door, bonnet and boot protection Courier Mode function* Central locking from the remote* The alarm will lock/unlock the doors when the alarm is armed/disarmed. Two rolling code waterproof remotes (If you are not using your car’s factory key to operate the alarm) Hyper blue LED warning light Compatible with all AVS accessories and sensors Three year warranty **** Please note - certain vehicles may incur additional charges for parts or labour required to complete installation. If you are unsure please contact our sales team on 0800 768 637 **** Vehicles 1960-1985 4/5 Hours Vehicles 1986-2000 3/4 Hours Vehicles 2001-2014 4/5 Hours AVS Freetrack Ft06e Vehicle Gps Tracking Unit Freetrack is the new GPS tracking solution from AVS Car Security. Affordable GPS hardware. No subscription fee. No contract term. Everything is managed from the easy to use Freetrack app. There is no limit to the number of trackers you can have on your account plus with different hardware options you can track vehicles or assets for minimal cost. Freetrack offers many great features including alarm activation and geofence alerts. Alert settings are customisable via push notification, SMS and for some (such as alarm activation) by phone call. Freetrack is a versatile and affordable GPS tracking solution that will appeal to both personal use and business customers. Full real time GPS tracking with no subscription fee or contract term Simply supply your own SIM card Supports multiple trackers – add as many trackers as you want on the one account Everything is managed from the easy to use Freetrack app for IOS or Android (free to download and use) Playback up to 6 months history Uses Google maps with Google maps functionality Programmable Alerts include: Car alarm activation (SOS). Geo-fence in and/or out. Overspeed. Tamper/power disconnect. Low tracker battery. Engine or ignition on/off. Customisable alert settings including SMS or push notification options (plus phone call for some alerts like alarm activation). Low ongoing cost (around $1 per month for data on standard settings plus SMS and phone calls). Optional speed controlled fuel kill immobilisation for vehicles. 3G hardware options for vehicles and other assets. Freetrack is great as: A security device – paired with an AVS (or other brand alarm) and receive car alarm activation (SOS) alert via SMS, phone call and push notification (alert settings are customisable). A cost effective GPS tracking solution for company vehicles – app based trip reporting along with alerts such as geo-fence, overspeed and tamper.
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