Wireless GPS tracker - 4 weeks or more on one battery charge ! Now you can track your caravan, trailer, boat, farm/forestery equipment, motorbike, jetski or anything that cannot provide power to the tracker. A single charge can last for a month or more depending on how you programme it. For daily use, reporting every 30 seconds when moving, the battery life is typically 30 days when used in this situation. If used for infrequent movement, such as boat or car storage, battery life can be 2~3 months. No installation - No wiring - Attaches with powerful magnets Just insert a SIM card, pair your phone and download the mobile APP to start tracking. FREE mobile APP & website - No Fees - No Contract See current 'live' location on your smart phone, tablet or website Playback history of travel - last 6 months history maintained Built-in magnets for attachment to metal surfaces Built-in tamper/removal photo electric eye (mobile phone alert) Long life Li-ion 3.7v 6,000mAh rechargeable battery - Standby (not reporting locations automatically)- 45 days With typical daily use (to/from work), tracking every 30 seconds when moving, up to 30 days between charges Typical use on say a trailer or boat reporting just once a day is up to 2~3 months* Geo-fence - sets a perimeter boundary - Multiples can be set. Min' radius 100m Alerts:- Shock - Speeding - Move/tow - Low battery - Geo-fence - Tamper Uses mobile data for low cost operation Unlimited range via the mobile network Status LED's Remaining battery life shown on APP Low battery alert Power saver function (sleep) - wake up with internal movement sensor Mains/USB charger - 100/240v~5v * Water resistant - Rain/splash proof - do not submerge - NOT WATERPROOF Size: 115x65x25mm - 150g 2 year product warranty SIM card required with voice, text & data (Vodafone, 2 Degrees or Spark) - data only cards not compatible Updates to the mobile APP may change features (added or deleted) without notice. # Mobile APP. The APP is designed for smart mobile phones. For tablets, download the phone version. Not suitable for Windows mobile phones. * Battery life is dependant on good GPS and mobile phone reception. If the tracker cannot receive the correct reception from either, battery life will be shorter whilst it is searching for signals. ATTACHMENT OF THIS PRODUCT The built-in magnets will assist in attaching this product to suitable metal surfaces. If subjected to violent shock this tracker may become dislodged. We recommend other means of securing and attaching this tracker. Mongoose is not liable for any subsequent loss or damage. Do not locate under metal or inside metal bodied vehicles or equipment which blocks GPS satellite signals. Please note: The free access of the APP and website is provided for Mongoose GPS customers only. The APP and website are used by many GPS companies worldwide and features and functions may change without notice. Mongoose accepts no responsibility and has no control of how the APP or website operate. Some features in the APP may not be appicable to this model. The APP and website are self managed. Mongoose can provide initial support if required.
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