Radar Detector; price includes installation at our Workshop The Super High-Performance RCM – NZ from Radenso is now a well-established Model and Brand in NZ. This Quality Made Product offers Incredible Performance and the highest level of Customisation of any Detector available today. From the Specific AUNZ Software to one of the Best Fixed Camera Database’s available the RCM gives Full Coverage. Their team of engineers and software developers have spent considerable time making sure the New Zealand version gets exacting results with Company representatives coming to New Zealand to test and trial product here. OPERATING FREQUENCIES Ka Narrow: 33.80, 34.7, 35.5 GHz (+/- 120 MHz) Ka Wide: 33.4 GHz – 36.0 GHz K Narrow: 24.1 GHz (+/- 70 MHz) K NZ Narrow: 23.950 GHz – 24.130 GHz K Wide: 24.1 GHz (+/- 150 MHz) X Band: 10.525 GHz (+/- 50 MHz) Laser: 904mm RADAR RECEIVER / DETECTOR TYPE Super heterodyne Invisible to Spectre and VG2 Radar Detector Detector Best-in-class false alert filtering Traffic Sensor filter Blind Spot Monitor Filtering GPS RECEIVER Ultra-fast connection AutoCity Mode Automatic Speed Based Muting GPS Lockouts DISPLAY TYPE Directional Arrows (with Optional RC M Rear Antenna) Magnetically removable display for stealth install OLED Bar Graph Frequency Display Multiple brightness levels Smart Dark and Full Dark Display 12VDC, Negative Ground
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