The Vipertraq VSQ500 is Vipers latest GPS tracking device which has been designed and built in Australia. First off the unit has a built-in battery. This is a good upgrade on the old system as it will alert you if your vehicle battery gets disconnected. This makes the unit slightly larger than the old one but that’s not a problem. It has an external GPS aerial. This will make installation easier on some vehicles as the unit does not have to be in the optimum position to see the sky. There’s a new Smartphone APP too which I’ve linked at the end of the post. How does Vipertraq work? Vipertraq can be used with any Viper Series 5 or ESP2 compatible Alarm. This will allow you to use the Vipertraq to arm/disarm your alarm and remote start your vehicle. * requires a ESP2 compatible Viper Remote Start System It can also be wired to work as a stand-alone system. It has ignition switch input as well as lock and unlock outputs. Smartphone and PC controlled with live tracking and location history Most functions can be controlled via the free phone app. But you’ll need to jump on a PC and use the Web portal to see the vehicle locations history and reports. Vipertraq will store 14 days of location history with the Secure package, or 365 days with the Premium package. Both packages have an annual fee which is explained below. Multiple Vehicles per Account All plans allow for multiple vehicles. This makes it a cost-effective fleet management system which can be used via a Smartphone or a PC. Where some other trackers charge per vehicle, Viper simply charges you a single Annual account fee. The number of vehicles you have is limitless so the bigger your fleet is the better. Of course, you’ll still need to purchase a VSQ500 unit for each vehicle. What does it cost? Secure $129.00/Annual** Features available via the App: Check Vehicle Speed Request Ignition Status Battery Voltage Reading Trip Start Alert Vehicle GPS Location Request GPS Location Tracking Trip History last 14 Days Multiple Vehicles per Account Vehicle Remote Lock/Unlock Remote Engine Start* Vehicle Alarm Panic Button* Viper Series 5 or compatible Alarm Input* * Requires connection to Viper Series 5 or ESP2 compatible Alarm Features available via the web portal: Trip History Reporting 14 Days Activity History Reporting GPS Location Tracking Premium $199.00/Annual** Features available via the App: Includes all Secure GPS features Vehicle Speed Limit Alert Harsh Braking Alert Harsh Acceleration Alert Creation of virtual Geofence Boundaries Geofence Boundaries Entry/Exit Alerts Alarm Alert Vehicle Lockdown Alert Vehicle Lockdown Alert Advanced Lockdown Feature Trip Line Draw Trip History 365 Days Features available via the web portal: Trip Line Draw Trip History 365 Days Scheduled Reporting Trip Summary Report Detailed Trip Information ** Note that the Annual package fees are in Australian dollars which can fluctuate. The unit and installation costs are in NZ dollars.