Whether on the road or parked up, Dashmate Dash Cams will be your eyes and ears on the scene in the event of an incident, accident or emergency. The Dashmate DSH-680 delivers high quality full HD video footage thanks to advanced optics, through an ultra-wide lense and it does so even on the hottest days thanks to the built-in Super Capacitor which allows for operation even in high temperatures seen inside vehicles when parked out in the open. With built-in WiFi & GPS users can record their journey, precise location as well as map data and review it on their smartphone via the new Dashmate App for both Apple and Android smartphones. This awesome feature also makes it even easier than before to share your recorded footage on popular social media and video sharing websites including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. With the Dashmate DSH-680 on board you can travel and park your vehicle with confidence, knowing that all details from your journey and any incidents will be captured and ready for immediate playback or future reference. All data is recorded on an SD card (sold seperately) up to a maximum of 64GB with a minimum Class 10 rating with 100mb/s write speed. 1080P Resolution - Captures your trip in full high definition, recording events and surroundings in great detail Large 3" Display - A large rear mounted LCD screen allows for easy navigation through menus and playback of recorded footage Built-In G-Sensor - The Built-In G-Sensor detects when there is an impact on your vehicle and saves the footage so it's never recorded over Location & Speed Tracking - Review recorded footage alongside your journey tracked on google maps GPS Smartphone Playback - The Dashmate App displays your DVR footage, GPS location and speed live on your smart device Dual USB Car Adaptor - Charge your USB-powered device with the spare USB port Super Capacitor - Keep recording even on the hottest days with the built-in super capacitor which operates in temps up to 70°C Touch-Free Snapshot - The Gesture Sensor allows users to quickly take a snapshot by waving your hand underneath the DSH-680 unit