This combo package is engineered and tuned to work in unison to produce unparalleled sound quality and superb output. Just drop it in your trunk, plug it in, and enjoy this great DS18 bass system. Subwoofer MAX Power Handling: 650W Size: 12" Amplifier MAX Power Output at 4 Ohms: 300W RMS Power Output at 4 Ohms: 150W Low Pass Filter: 50-200Hz Complete 10 Gauge Installation Kit Includes: 2 Color - Coded Nickel - Plated Ring Terminals 1 x 17ft Red 10 Gauge Power Cable with Built-in ATC fuse holder with 40A fuse 1 x 3ft Black 10 Gauge Ground Cable 1 x 17ft 2-Channel Twisted Pair RCA Cable 1 x 17ft Gray 18 Gauge Remote Wire 5 Nickel-Plated Spade Terminals 1 x 18 Gauge Butt connector 10 black zip cable ties 1 x 8 Gauge Grommet