Radar Detector; price includes installation at our Workshop The Super High Performance RC-M Pro NZ from Radenso is now a well established Model and Brand in NZ.This Quality Made Product offers Incredible Performance and the highest level of Customisation of any Detector available today. The Pro Version adds a Rear Radar antenna Module to the package which enables greater range to the rear and to also identify what direction the radar signal is coming from. Both versions run the very latest HDM+ High Performance antenna system. The RC includes a beautifully designed High Resolution Display Control Module featuring Speed Controlled Radar Muting and if the optional rear antenna is fitted an Arrow Direction Display telling you where the radar is coming from. Multiple Display options are available from Bar Graphs to Speed and Compass or Frequency. The RCM has full coverage of the NZ radar bands including a specific K NZ Narrow setting for the Redflex Cameras and comes preloaded with the very latest Fixed pole and Redlight Camera sites. Drive safe with the “peace of mind” knowing your detector won’t be “stolen” and its always there to protect you.