ROCKFORD P1-2X12 DUAL 12INCH LOADED SUB & R500X1D AMPLIFIER PACK has been added to your Cart
**** Please note - THIS PRICE DOES INCLUDE INSTALL . Certain vehicles may incur additional charges for parts or labour required to complete installation. If you are unsure please contact our sales team on 0800768637*** 3 Point Immobilisation Black Wire Alarm AS/NZS Certified System Includes 2 x 5-Button Remote Controls. Silent Arm / Disarm Remote Adjustable Double Guard Shock Sensor Door, Boot and Bonnet Protection Diagnostic and Status Bright Blue LED Analog Battery Back Up Siren 3 Point Immobilisation Optional 4th Immobilisation Point Keyless Entry On board Central Locking Relays / 6 Wire Interface Dome Light Supervision Parking Light Flash 4 Programmable Auxiliary Channels Turbo Timer Mode / Interface Car Finder Mode Panic Mode Pin Code Over-ride High Security Disarm Power Save Mode Window Decals Security Features System Arming Mode Remote Panic Confirmation Chirps Dome Light Control Ign Controlled locks Doorlock Ouput Duration Door Lock Pulses Comfort Closure Vehicle Recovery System Pin Code Convenience Features Remote Sensor Bypass Siren Duration Door Trigger Error Chirp Hood Trigger Type Sensor Trigger High Security Disarm GWA in Valet Park Light Supervision Turbo Timer Mode Ch3 Ouput Type Ch3 Linking Ch4 Output Type Ch4 Linking
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